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Advertise your Banner in the Rotation that appears at the top of all 250+ theme categories in Sea Crest Jewelry Designs Link Directory, Jewelry & Craft Directory & Native American Link Directory and on the main pages in Sea Crest Jewelry Designs & Eclectic Earrings & Beaded Jewelry. The Banners rotate each time the page is reloaded, even while someone is searching through the Directory or Main Site categories.
Your Banner will also appear in rotation on all the members' websites where their code is displayed.
Your website must pertain to Topic found in Sea Crest Jewelry Designs Link Directory. I limit the dimensions of banners to 468 x 60 pixels and 15K file size.
You must place the code on your site in order to remain in the Banner Exchange.  Any sites which appear dormant for 60 days will be removed from the list.
No Adult sites permitted in the exchange, we reserve the right to deny any website in which we consider the content to be unsuitable.  All websites must be family friendly.
The cost to join the exchange is FREE with 1000 credits and you may purchase additional credits.  An additional 10,000 Credits can be purchased for $10 or 25,000 for $20. You also earn 2 credits for every 3 banners displayed on your website.  You will also earn an extra 2500 credits for any successful referrals.
It is important to put your banner code on a page that gets traffic. Since you earn 2 credits for every three times that page is loaded.  Placing it on more than one page is also good. Your home page is high traffic, but it may degrade the load time for your home page.
To see your usage and statistics go to the
Members Only link. When finished either close the window or hit "Update" button without changing anything to get your linking code again.
Sign for The Banner Exchange with 1000 Free Credits
Customers buying credits will be taken to a secure form and approved within 1 to 2 days.
Sign up and/or Buy Additional Credits - New & Current Members.
We reserve the right to increase the fee amount based on exposures the Banner Exchange receives on this website, and all new participants are subject to a price increase.
Currently Sea Crest Jewelry Designs receives over 1.5 Million hits and 40 Thousand Unique Visitors per month.
Thank you!
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