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Sea Crest Jewelry Designs Accepts PayPal Payments

Ordering in the USA    -    Outside the USA

My shopping cart takes Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, United States Postal Service (USPS) Money Orders, Western Union Wire Transfers or PayPal.  I do not take checks, but I do take USPS Money Orders, not money orders from other companies. If you don't want to enter your Credit Card number online, use the shopping cart with the call for card info option & I will call you for your card number. If you verify your account with PayPal they can debit your bank account if you don't have a credit card. My PayPal ID is sales@seacrestcrafts.com. Of course you can mail me a United States Postal Service Money Order to My Address . If you mail a payment, please use the shopping cart so your item is not sold before your USPS Money Order arrives, otherwise your item maybe sold before your letter arrives. Overseas customers may find the easiest way to pay is PayPal or Western Union Money Transfers, depending on the size of the order. Please also read our Terms/Conditions (pop up) of sale.

Actually it is quite easier, just a few steps. 

United States: **No Cash**
Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail on all orders with delivery confirmation. If you need more immediate shipment, you may choose USPS Express Mail on the shipping address page of the shopping cart. If you have a UPS, FedEx or Airborne account, I can ship using your account & refund the shipping charge. Domestic Shipping Rates & Insurance (Opens in Popup)

1. Use the Shopping Cart with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover & you will receive an invoice via email from the shopping cart & a second email from ProPay once your card has cleared. You can also have me call you to get your card number if you don't wish to enter it online.
2. My Shopping Cart also takes PayPal. On the final screen showing your invoice, click the PayPal button at the top & will take you to your account to send us your payment. An email will also be sent to your address from the Shopping Cart. 
Just receiving the final invoice from Sea Crest Crafts on a PayPal purchase is not a payment.
You Must Complete the transaction by Clicking the PayPal Button & submitting your payment through your PayPal Account.
My PayPal ID is sales@seacrestcrafts.com.
3. Use the Shopping Cart to place an order & print the invoice. You can then mail me a payment of a USPS Money Order to My Address.
4. Call 800-600-8696  Toll Free to Order.
5. Use the shopping cart & Choose the Pay by Mail option & tell me in the comments section you are wiring the money through Western Union Money Transfer.

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Outside the United States: **No Cash** - **No Checks**
I take United States Postal Service Money Orders & Western Union Money Transfers.
Due to the overwhelming amount of international credit card fraud I only accept Cards from Canada, UK, Australia & New Zealand.
1. Use the Shopping Cart & choose International Shipping. It normally takes about 2 weeks to receive times. Prices are in US Dollars. Again I only accept cards Canada, UK, Australia, NZ. When I run These Credit Cards they convert automatically between currencies.
----- Or
2. Use the shopping cart & Choose the Pay by Mail option & tell me in the comments section you are wiring the money through Western Union Money Transfer.

If paying by PayPal be sure to Click the PayPal Button on the final screen of the Shopping Cart.
An invoice from Sea Crest Crafts using PayPal is not payment. You must send the money through your PayPal account.
Payment must be requested/transferred within 12 hours of order being placed or item(s) will be returned to inventory.

If paying by USPS Money Order, I request payment to be mailed/sent within three(3) days of order being placed to best insure payment will be received within ten(10) days of order being placed. If not received, item(s) may be returned to inventory & any monies received may be returned,  not cashed, unless prior arrangements were made. (Exception: Monies being mailed from outside the US)

All orders will be mailed within 48 - 72 hours of receipt/deposit of monies except as otherwise noted above.

Please double-check to make sure you are sending me the correct mailing address.

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