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Sea Crest Jewelry Designs has grown in last few years, and to improve Sea Crest Jewelry Designs Link Directory I have added more linking options to improve the visibility of your site listed there.

Q. What is a Reciprocal Link?

A. It is a link back to my site from your site hyper linked to A Reciprocal Link must be posted back to my site for any of my linking Options except Non-Linking Partners before I will post a link to your site.

It can be banner with Title, a Text Link or a Text and Banner Link. I would rather not have just a Banner link without my Site Title below it, also hyper linked as this does little for Search Engine Ratings.

If you are a basic listing partner, I will post as your link back in much the same format you post my link. For example if you use my proper Title Sea Crest Jewelry Designs and Description, I will use your proper Title and Description.  But if you have a site with a list of links with short descriptions I will edit your description to about the same length.  Also some sites like to use the URL of a site for a title, so if you call me instead of my proper Title Sea Crest Jewelry Designs, I will call your site by your URL and not your proper Title.
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Q. What is a Category?

A. The Link Directory is divided into Categories or Themes. All similar sites are listed together on the same page for customers to find them easier, such as looking for Jewelry - Beaded. For example if you are a Platinum Link Partner, your link will appear on 5 different Category Pages in addition to your Main Category listing.
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Q. What is a Title and why is it limited to 65 Characters?

A. It is just the Name of your site, for example my Title is  Sea Crest Jewelry Designs.  It is limited to 65 Characters because this is all my linking program will allow. Also Search Engines only look at the first 65 Characters or so when they form their listings.
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Q. What is a Text Description and why is it limited to 200 Characters?

A. This tells the world about your web site.  It is best to write in complete sentence, not just a list of keywords. Use your keywords but include them in complete sentences or phrases and it will make your Search Engine ratings a lot better. It is limited to 200 Characters because this is all my linking program will allow. People don't read web pages much but look at the big type and pictures, so you only need this much room to hit them with your product or service rapidly.
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Q. What are Quotes?

A. At the bottom of the listing an optional quote or slogan may be included.  Quotes must be in the form of a sentence and contain different text than what is listed in your description.  Text html may also be used if you want to include a link to your directory or a specific product.  Again here there is a 80 Character limit to the HTML or text.
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Q. What is a Your Banner/Logo?

A. It is your picture image you use as a Banner or Logo for your site. Banners to be listed should be no more than 25K in file size and 500 x 100 pixels in dimensions. You must be a Silver Link Partner or higher to have you Banner/Logo displayed with your Link.
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Q. What is a Priority Listing?

A. This means your listing will appear above all basic Brass link partner listings in the directory.  This simply increases your exposure since your listing will appear at the top of all the categories you choose.
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Q. What is the benefit to being a Link Partner with Sea Crest Jewelry Designs?

A. One of the main reasons is people will visit your site from seeing it in our directory and other link directories, regardless if your are rated high in the search engines or a new site not yet rated. 

Sea Crest Jewelry Designs Link Directory is listed in many major search engines. AOL, Google, MSN, Lycos, and Yahoo.

 Also Sea Crest Jewelry Designs Links Directory is not just a Links Page. It is search able from within itself on every page with our Search Our Link Directory system. You will also notice that if you do a Search in Google for Sea Crest Jewelry Designs Link Directory, every page is indexed. You stand a good chance of being noticed by Google for a new site than a direct submission.

Q. Your directory is so large I don't believe anyone will find my listing with so many categories in the directory.

A. As people search through the directory, if they are looking for the category your site pertains to, they will find your site.  They can also use the Search that appears on every page within the directories and type in any word listed in your title, description, and quote to pull up your site.

Q. I visited your directory the other day and found my listing, but I noticed it is out of date, how can I update it?

A. To update your listing simply visit the Add/Update URL page.  The next time submissions are added to the directory your listing will be updated in the directory.

Q. I read in one of the bulletin boards that sites using Zeus would not be listed in Google, is this true?

A. I have actually heard the same thing for over a year now and it has not affected my listing with Google at all.  In fact my site has been reviewed ever month over the past year and my rating continues to rise.  Google ranks Sea Crest Jewelry Designs a  6/10 of importance. Although I also do not link with Spam or junk sites which could possibly get a website removed from a search engine.


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