Terms and Conditions of Link Exchange:
*Note*: Sea Crest Jewelry Designs reserves the right to accept or reject any client for any reason stated or not. We don't link or work for sites that contain pornography, gambling, promote hate, injustice, are against God and the American way of life or are considered insensitive to the general public, or anti family.

 Your return link is checked automatically, if one is not found your link will be removed. 

There Must be a link on your Home Page to your Links page so it can be easily found by customers. There are some exceptions, like a Gateway page that goes to your real home page where the link to your link page exists. If I can't find it easily no one else can either!

The base URL of your home and links page must be the same. Link pages on a separate  server are not acceptable

Links to sites on shared servers or any server with  pop up screens are not acceptable. When get your own URL please visit us again.

My site must open in the same window or a new window, not trapped in your branded frames.

Please email me with an update for your listing if you move my link on your site. 

Please don't save my banner as another file format or change it in anyway.  If it doesn't suit your taste, lets just trade text links.

We display our work in the light for inspection by all, so don't ask us to cheat, lie or do anything underhanded, illegal or immoral. 

Sea Crest Jewelry Designs lists your link in the best category for our directory. Sea Crest Jewelry Designs is not responsible for any harm caused to your site from your link here.

If you give me just a name link,  with only my site name and no description, don't expect me to post your description.

My Link System has a few limitations:
1.)  The Website Title is limited to 65 Characters and the Description to 200 Characters including spaces and all punctuation.  

2.)  My system either does a Text link or both a Banner and Text link. I can't do just a Banner link. Since search engines give much higher ratings for text links, I ask you to at least include my site name "Sea Crest Jewelry Designs"  in plain text hyper linked along with my banner even if you don't include my description on your site. This is fair, as I can do the same for you (Site name and Banner hyper linked to your site).  Banners are "eye" catching to customers, thus I like and use them,  but do little to your search engine ratings. Of course text for text links work fine with us.

3.) Banners must be less than 25K in file size and 500 x 100 pixels in dimensions.  Most of the world is still on modems, some slow.  A page full of  banners that are large uses so much bandwidth the lower banners on the page never load (on a modem), thus rendering the posting of them useless. If they do load, no one sticks around to let a 5 minute page load, again useless.

Now, after all those rules let's get on with becoming a Link Partner with Sea Crest Jewelry Designs!
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