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Sea Crest Jewelry Designs - Handmade Beaded Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Dreamcatchers.  Unique Jewelry for Any Occasion.

Sea Crest Jewelry Designs
Handmade Beaded Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets,  made with Gemstones, Pearls, Swarovski, Czech Glass, Silver & Gold Filled.
Unique Jewelry for Any Occasion.

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Volume 04 Issue 01 | Sept 2005

Hello and Welcome to our Newsletter!
SEPT is this month's Coupon Code.
Get out your pen and put this on a post it note on your monitor.  The special coupon code for our newsletter readers is SEPT for 10% off all products. This coupon will be valid from Sept 1, 2005, until Sept 30, 2005.
How do you use it?
When you got through the shopping cart there is a page where you add your shipping name and addresses.  On that same page, scroll down for choices for shipping & insurance. Below that is a box and you just enter the letters SEPT in there. Your discount will be reflected on the the next page.  You will not see it when you just view items in your cart.

Necklaces - Anklets - Bracelets
We worked really hard this summer getting ready for Christmas Season. We added a lot of Necklaces, Anklets and Bracelets made with Gemstones and Freshwater Pearls

Also we worked hard on our Earrings. Adding Chandelier Earrings

If you would like to see our complete Earring selection visit our other website:
Eclectic Earrings Beaded Jewelry
where we added 3 new Pages of Stiletto Earrings and 4 Pages of our Limited Collection Swarovski w/ Sterling Earrings.

Christian Jewelry & Bible BookMarks.
An entirely new section added.  Just getting started we offer Angel and Cross Earrings, Necklaces and Bible BookMarks.
Go there now!

Craft Hints!
First let me encourage any one to send in their hints by replying to this newsletter!
Glue Guns:  An easy way to get Glue Gun spills out of natural fiber clothes is to use lighter fluid.  Be sure to test a section first as it may melt some synthetic fabrics.  In any case rinse the lighter fluid off rapidly with water once the glue peels off.
Sand Art: You know you can make your own sand art? Try bleaching regular sand (builders sand or children's sand is best), then add food coloring to the sand.  Save those unique bottles and save dollars! 
I feel this hint is so important I want to repeat it. Yes, I repeated it again!  Broken Beaded Jewelry.  I guess this is a no brainer, but save all the beads you can if your jewelry breaks.  Save any other parts also.  It is often impossible to find the exact same color of beads again. The more parts you are able to save the higher the chance it can be repaired.

Finger Woven Sashes by Hunting Hawk
Even if you're not a Native American Dancer and don't need a sash, see his Seminole Patchwork page. He is featuring patchwork aprons anyone can enjoy!

Kristin's Gems Handmade Beaded Jewelry
My Daughter in Law, Kristin, started her own web site. See her one of kind new designs.
Stay tuned for the next Newsletter and please visit the site often for items added between newsletters.

Thank You!
Janet & Ernie Secrest

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Handmade Beaded Jewelry Designs, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Eye Glass Holders, Book Marks  & Dreamcatchers.
Unique Jewelry for Any Occasion.