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Newsletter - V02I01-0203

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Volume 02 Issue 01 | February 2003

Hello and Welcome to our Newsletter!
Its been several months since the last newsletter.  So I thank you for your patience.
I added new crafts hints section to the newsletter, so scroll down to read it!
First let me introduce our web site.  I started this web site to display my jewelry and crafts.  I am constantly coming up with new styles and products, like my new Beaded Eyeglass Holders  & Beaded BIC Lighter Cases. We also have been updating our Beaded Earring section with new products to keep up with the demand.
I added a New section to the Necklaces Page called #14 and #15 Seed Bead Necklaces. In the past I was using #11 or regular size beads. These smaller beads create a very delicate effect similar to tatting. I am still making new necklaces with the larger bead, just I am really excited about the new look the smaller beads create.
I just added one new Bracelet, it's with a new stitch I just worked out so be sure too look at that, too!
My Ornamental Ribbon Bookmark Crosses continue to be a big seller. They would be an excellent gift for Easter baskets. On the web page I show  them hanging on my Christmas Tree as Ornaments, then explain that on Christmas day I gave them out as gifts to everyone there to use as a Bookmark.  

Craft Hints!
First let me encourage any one to send in their hints by replying to this newsletter!
Used Soap can be re-melted and put in some of those cute molds used for candy. Use a double boiler or a can in a pan of water to prevent burning and you can add color and scent too. The same can be done with Used Candles, but wax may get too hot for candy molds, so stick to candles molds for wax. Another thing that I find helps throw the scent on candles is to add about a tablespoon of Crisco shortening to about a pound of wax while it is melting. It also seems to help it release from molds. You may have to experiment with how much to add to suit your results.
Remove Wax - To remove wax from material, put a piece of paper over the spot and heat with an iron and the was will lift right off. 
I feel this hint is so important I want to repeat it. Broken Beaded Jewelry.  I guess this is a no brain-er, but save all the beads you can if your jewelry breaks.  Save any other parts also.  It is often impossible to find the exact same color of beads again. The more parts you are able to save the higher the chance it can be repaired.

And of course for Native American Sashes, visit Hunting Hawk's section.  Since the last newsletter, his sashes are now in the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and the Qualla Boundary Museum.  We have also supplied sashes as parts of the costumes to 2 up coming movies.
Finger Woven Sashes by Hunting Hawk
Even if you're not a Native American Dancer and don't need a sash, see his Seminole Patchwork page. He is featuring patchwork aprons anyone can enjoy! 
Stay tuned for next month's Newsletter and please visit the site often for items added between newsletters.

Thank You!
Janet & Ernie Secrest

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Unique Jewelry for Any Occasion.